Maso Ponseponse

Maso Ponseponse, or “Eyes Everywhere” in English, is a massive sensitization initiative which calls upon every individual to be an eye of responsibility on the road in the prevention of road accidents everywhere in Malawi.

From being an eye that observes all road signs and regulations, distractions, as well as other road users, to the eye that encourages others to do the same in complimenting government’s efforts in reducing road accidents in our country.

The Roads Safety Alert Foundation believes that prevention of road accidents and related injuries and deaths is the responsibility of every individual. Every Malawian is a road user at some point and in one way or the other.

It is therefore imperative for everyone to realize this individual responsibility, understand, accept and decide to take action in playing his or her individual role to deal with the road traffic pandemic our great nation is facing.

Maso Ponseponse is an initiative that encourages every road user to be the eye that reports reckless use of the road, the eye that reports corruption on the road, the eye that can observe areas of road usage that needs to improve to reduce road accidents.