Passenger Service Vehicle driver make a career of ferrying larger numbers of passengers at once crisscrossing them to different destination. This group of players and anticipated to be the most careful of the road users. The anticipation, unfortunately, is not necessarily what is happening on our roads.

Due to harsh economic times, minibus and bus drivers as well as taxi operators scramble for customers to make enough money based on set targets with their employers, the owners of the passenger vehicles.

The result is over speeding, with the intention to be the first to catch the next stage to carry more passengers. Exceeding capacity is the order of the day as the drivers find solace in paying for the set penalties and use the General Receipt issued by the authorities as a license to commit further reckless tendencies on the road.

Many drivers Drive Under Influence as there are no Alcohol Breathalyzers on our road. Some drivers are also engulfed with fatigue as they drive long distances with a short time to rest. All these and many other factors lead to thousands of preventable accidents and the pedestrians and drivers are losing lives.

The Road Safety Alert Foundation is working with the drivers of passenger vehicles to achieve behavior change where the drivers should change mindset and realize that it is their lives and that of the passengers they must take responsibility for and no bypassing of the law and the “golden handshake” can prevent accidents.