Road Safety School Clubs

Back in the days, Malawi had a very cutting-edge and highly featured Civic Education Subject in the education curricular starting from primary school level. This strong subject offered learners with adequate and pertinent skills of using the road safely and prevent road accidents.

This was equally backed by very popular road safety programs on the radio, especially the public broadcaster, the Malawi Broadcasting Station (MBC). Unfortunately, all this is dampened and lost focus. Malawians are paying the heavy price of not instilling the sense of responsibility on the road at the tender age of its citizens to develop a culture of safe road use.

The Road Safety Alert Foundation has therefore embarked on a massive initiative of establishing Road Safety School clubs across the country using its wide network of volunteers who have been recruited in all districts of the country.

The school clubs are meant to instill knowledge and skill of safer road use of its citizens right from the tender age so as to grow with the right mindset and culture of road accident consciousness. It is also meant to equip the young people with necessary knowledge to prevent immediate danger of accidents as well as to grow into responsible users of the roads to prevent future accidents.