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ROSAF is a team of multi-disciplinary individuals who bring together unique skills and expertise to shape and implement various strategies that point to the common goal of drastically reducing road accidents in Malawi which has reached alarming levels.

Founded in 2016, the Foundation is registered under the Companies Act, NO. 15 of 2013 as a private company limited by guarantee. It is also a member of the SADC Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety whose aim is to compliment Governments’ efforts in reducing road accidents in the SADC region.

Road Safety Alert Foundation (ROSAF) is a Local Non-Profit Making Organization that strives to contribute towards reduction of road traffic accidents in Malawi through sensitization, social behavior change, and social mobilization among all classes of road users... READ MORE

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Safety Tips

Do not overspeed

Speed thrills but kills too. Car occupants in a crash with an impact speed of 80km/h have a likelihood of death as compared to a car travelling at 30km/h

Do not overtake blindly

Only overtake when it is absolutely safe to do so. Speed is estimated to be the main contributory factor in about half of all road crashes

Don’t drink and drive

Driving under influence takes away judgement on the road increase chances of causing accidents.

Do Not Text and Drive

Don’t use your phone or any other media device when driving at all times

Put on crash helmet

Put crash helmet always when riding a motorbike to minimize head injuries in case of eventual accidents.

Cycle safely

Make sure you are visible to motorists. Ride a door’s width from cars. Don’t cycle on undesignated cycle paths.

Call To Action

The road accident situation in Malawi has now reached unprecedented levels and requires tough and participatory action by every individual citizen, private sector, civil society and government. You can join the Road Safety Alert Foundation movement against road accidents by becoming a volunteer, donating material and financial resources as well as sponsoring its awareness campaigns. Please Contact Us.




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Joel Jere

Executive Director

Noel Mhango

Resource Mobilization Manager

Haswell Zimba

Research and Projects Officer

Treazer Jere

Victim Support Officer


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