Road Safety School Program

A road safety school program is an essential initiative aimed at educating young students about safe road practices, responsible behavior as pedestrians, cyclists, and future drivers. Such programs play a crucial role in shaping responsible road users and reducing the number of accidents involving children and teenagers

Coodinator : Joel Jere Started On: 24 July 2023 13:00 PM

Key Points

Traffic Rules and Signs, Pedestrian Safety & Cycling Safety

1. Traffic Rules and Signs:
Teach students about various traffic rules and road signs, including speed limits, stop signs, pedestrian crossings, and other important regulations.

2. Pedestrian Safety:
Educate students about the importance of using crosswalks, looking both ways before crossing the street, and being cautious when walking near busy roads.

3. Cycling Safety:
For students who cycle to school, provide guidelines on wearing helmets, obeying traffic laws while cycling, and using proper hand signals.
A comprehensive road safety school program instills lifelong road safety habits in young individuals, influencing not only their behavior as pedestrians and cyclists but also as future drivers. By equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills, we can create a generation that values and prioritizes road safety, contributing to a safer and more responsible society on the roads.